Books for Clininicians

Summer of 2015 saw the release of my second book, this one for clinicians: Working with Parents of Anxious Children: Therapeutic Strategies for Encouraging Communication, Coping & Change. It is published by W. W. Norton & Co.

Here’s what people are saying about it.

“This book is an incredibly valuable resource for every clinician working with anxious children and their parents. Drawing from the cognitive-behavioral, functional analytic, acceptance, and mindfulness literatures, this book provides clear guidance and an abundance of clinical “pearls” for teaching parents how to create a healthy and resilient home environment.” —John Piacentini, PhD, ABPP, President, Society for Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Director, Child OCD, Anxiety, and Tic Disorders Program, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior

“What loving parent would not want to end the suffering of their child? Yet anxiety will run roughshod over families, taking advantage of responses that, on the surface, seem so caring. McCurry expertly elucidates for readers the tactics of therapeutic change that will stabilize the family system, empower the parents, and foster resilience in the child.”—Reid Wilson, PhD, co-author, Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: Seven Ways to Stop the Worry Cycle and Raise Courageous and Independent Children

“Work with parents of anxious children is becoming richer and more nuanced as practitioners used to doing parent training, communication skills work, and traditional cognitive behavior therapy begin to use acceptance and mindfulness-based therapies as well. This wise and well-written volume will help provide that sense of nuance and balance. It is not a treatment protocol, nor is it dedicated to any one approach; it is a guidebook, helping you to use your existing skills in more sophisticated ways and to learn new skills and approaches without having to abandon what you already know. Highly recommended.” —Steven C. Hayes, PhD, Co-developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and author of Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life