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I am pleased to be a part of an exciting series of illustrated books for parents and their children. Each has the subtitle beginning with “Big issues for little people… ” an cover topics of Health and Well-Being, Divorce, Identity and Diversity, and Behavior and Manners. They were written with my wonderful coauthor, Dr. Emma Waddington and illustrated by the amazing Louis Thomas. Published by Francis Lincoln Children’s Books, London.

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My First Book

In 2009 I published my first book: Parenting Your Anxious Child with Mindfulness and Acceptance, from New Harbinger Publications.

Parenting your anxious child with mindfulness and acceptance

Parenting Your Anxious Child

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In this book I apply Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to the problems parents face when their child becomes worried or afraid. This book provides a new way to think about your child’s anxiety, one that emphasizes the attempts at communication and help-seeking which underlie much of his anxious behavior.  I look at the “dance” between parent and child when the child’s means of communication and help-seeking evoke similar feelings of anxiety, helplessness, frustration, and even anger in the parent. The result can be a cycle of desperate and unpleasant reactions and counter-reactions, of avoiding important tasks and challenges, and unhelpful attempts at controlling one’s emotions and one another. This book will help you break this cycle and establish a new dance; one that promotes good communication, self-control in the face of strong thoughts and feelings, and better problem-solving and resilience within the family.

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